Where's Waldo?It’s interesting how things are linked. The hollistic approach.

How a 29-hour logically power-saving blackout can cost $1 Billion, for instance. The blackout, in fact, cost a mere $36 million per hour… all money that could have been saved if we just could have kept Times Square lit.
And I say “we” as if I was the one that forgot to flip a switch somewhere. That’s just the kind of social conscience I have, you see.

It’s also interesting how linked I am to people infected with the latest player at the party: the Sobig Worm. In the last two days, I’ve received some 20 e-mails inviting me to open the enclosed attachment and kindly infect myself. Which makes me wonder, a la Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon how am I linked to these people? The worm has to find my e-mail address on someone’s computer…

Why do you know me Naughtygirl_sexysandi@hotmail.com?

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