stockpiling the H20They’re stockpiling water in Goeppingen-Jebenhausen, Germany (you know, Goeppingen-Jebenhausen… they have that great kraut place on the corner of Vershenkeller and Jegokleemaner?) as the European heat wave’s death toll hits 3,000.

That is a lot of dead.

Especially considering that the total coalition losses in the WAR in Iraq only amount to 312 [reported here with as much detail and accuracy as possible]). That heat is a harsh mistress.

Seque into more depressing statistics: As reported very interestingly here, the total civilian death toll currently stands between 6,087 and 7,798… which puts all manner of visions in my head (hopskotch games interrupted by flaming death and whatnot), you know?

At any rate, it’s hot; which probably means that The Apacolypse is not far behind (burn off the weak, drown the strong, 4-horsemen the rest, or some combination thereof). As such, I have some things to say to a lot of you. So, fill in as appropriate:

Dear _________

I've been meaning to tell you, you are such a ________.
I hope you ________.
I ____ing _______ you.


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