The L.A. Times is reporting that Gray Davis is trying a new strategy of appearing devoted to his job as Governor:

On Saturday… Davis signed legislation to ban toxic flame retardants. On Monday, he endorsed an antidiscrimination measure… Today, he will support abortion-related legislation with women’s rights activists… Also today, the administration is scheduled to announce the state’s first new gambling agreement with an Indian tribe.

In a daily stream of public appearances… the governor has sought to project the image of a man consumed with the work of running the nation’s biggest state.

I know that we, the masses, are a largely ignorant lot; but, are we really going to be impressed by a couple of days of the back-breaking labor of shaking hands and kissing babies?

OK, normally I’d say “yes”, we are just that easily fooled; but, with his approval rating somewhere in the low 20’s and with compelling candidates such as The Terminator and Arnold Drummond, I don’t think he stands even the hint of a ghost of a chance.

Personally, I voted for Gray twice. I think this recall indeed sets a dangerous precedent. However I also think that the State’s whatever-billion dollar deficit has hurt me and mine; and, though perhaps not the sole cause of it, Gray, as governor, is responsible for it. That’s just the kind of hard hit you have to take when you are in a position of power.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any strong liberal candidates at the moment (Cruz Busta-who?), which is why a socially democratic republican like Arnold (Schwarzenegger this time) is so attractive to Democratic California… plus he was the star of Kindergarten Cop, so he’s got that going for him, too.

Not speaking of which but sorta, SNL might actually be really good this week for a change.

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