The Sounds of Living

My little habitat here in SoCal is interesting. I live in a “4-plex” that faces another “4-plex”; thereby creating a courtyard betwixt the two and transforming it into a Mega-8-Plex-Courtyarded-Extravaganza. Good times.
One great thing about this is that for really the first time of any of the many places I’ve lived, I’m getting to know my neighbors; which is a strange and pleasing sensation, especially as they seem to be very cool… though quirky, which is the point. There are many sounds here, especially in the morning, that in some ways are inexplicable and engaging, and in others are somewhat irritating, though not maddening so. Some of these sounds are:

.: my neighbor’s girlfriend (I think), walking about in the morning over their hardwood floors in what I can only guess are 17-inch concrete platform shoes. OK, to be fair it’s not that bad… they’re probably only 15-inch
.: The loud and fascinating chanting sounds coming from my neighbor across the courtyard. There are friends of him involved. And bells. This can go on for at least an hour, sometimes multiple times a day. It’s not annoying, actually, and is instead rather tranquil.
.: This one has double offenders: alarms:
– The person at the end of my 4-plex leaves his front door open and his alarm blaring that very anti-sleep scree-scree-scree-scree for at least 30-45 minutes. On several occasions, I have thought he must dead. I have yet to figure out the true situation
– From an unknown source, another person leaves his/her alarm on for a similar length of time. This one is at least only a slight boop-boop-boop-boop. This has only recently started, so I’m thinking the person may have left for vacation without turning off their alarm.
.: trumpeting

Annnnd scene

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