This weekend ADG, and I, and another became L.A. tourists temporarily and drove through Beverly Hills looking for people we’ve seen before… somewhere. We reached at least the 5th circle of hell when we gleefully purchased a Star Map from an underprivileged Mexican boy sitting hawking his wares in perhaps the most privileged area around (irony, you see); and went all the way down to circle the 7th when we actually utilized it.

Most of the stars were people we’ve never heard of (we being of dubious pop-culture knowledge, or they being of dubious stardom); and, many of them were dead… or at least allegedly so. The must-sees were pretty well represented, though; and even though all I really know about Brad & Jen’s house is what a lovely gate it has, it was a worthwhile time.

Oh yes, and I feel dirty… very, very dirty.

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