I went running with ADG yesterday… running! I mean, what the hell is up with that?! Mountain biking, hiking, basketball, volleyball, watching the Simpsons whilst eating pizza sure, but, running? I don’t know what the world is coming to.

OK, perhaps it wasn’t that bad, but, a runner I am not. Sprinter maybe (see “basketball” above), but runner no. And what was my reason for opening this pandora’s box?

Weight loss?
No, I’ve been unemployed and poor, I don’t have enough money to be overweight.

Cardiovascular health?
Do I look like that girl in your aerobics class? (don’t answer that) umm, no

To spend more quality time with ADG?
Is sweating and wheezing really quality time? (get your mind out of the gutter… there’s only room enough for me). OK, this was actually partially the reason; I liked the idea of sharing an interest together. However the main reason was entirely scenario based:

[Editor’s note: conversation between Dave and ADG]
DAK: … but what if we’re walking down the street and someone grabs your purse… or YOU?! I’ll need to be able to chase their black van over city blocks, down alleyways, and maybe even on to the freeway.
ADG: I’m sure you’ll manage
DAK: Yeah sure, for like 20 yards; but if I don’t catch them by then I’m done for! No, I think I need to be able to run… just in case
[Editor’s note: the following is completely what Dave dreamed he heard]
ADG: My hero!

I wonder if this is how Batman got his start?

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