I’ve not been taking advantage enough of the cathartic quality of blogging, as of late. So here we go:

annnnd RELEASE!

much better. I don’t have a great memory, or wait, yes I do, but not for some things. For instance, I have no idea who my elementary school teachers were, or what they looked like; except, perhaps for my 4th grade teacher at Kingsbury Elementary (I think): Mrs. Moore (or possibly Monroe). I don’t remember much about childhood friends, or my childhood rooms. If you asked me what furniture I had, I’d be able to tell you because I had it through high school; but how it was arranged in the different houses I lived in is anybody’s guess. For that matter, the houses I lived in are really beyond my recollection, except for the cities they were in, and the basic look of the house.

Why is this?

I’m sure some of it has to do with moving around a bit as a young kid. Being an Air Force family, I never really expected to stay anywhere for too long, so why bother committing all the details to memory? Maybe it wasn’t important to me at the time. Maybe what was important were the types of things I do remember.

Like how Maury Povich used to be more like Dan Rather than Jerry Springer.
Or how Eric and Julie brought in the now aborted creation of reality television.
Or how the Grinch had a heart two sizes too small.

Hmmm, those weren’t so important after all.

I remember events. Stories or things I did. Many of them damaging, of course, like when I cut my finger and needed stitches, or when I broke my arm flying off of a trampoline, or the countless tornadoes I was sure I was about to die in; but many are happy, singular events. Hitting golf balls with my grandfather, being babysat for the first time by my cousin, doing art projects at school. Things like that.

I’m fairly sure I had a very content and happy childhood, so it puzzles me why I should choose to block most of it out. Perhaps it was more traumatic than I recall, or perhaps I just have never took the time to really stop and think about it. So, my question to you, is this: how much do you remember?

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