In on or around my truck, I found three copies of the Alamo Christian Ministries World Newsletter. Obviously, I am such a fervent sinner, that I need multiple copies (at 24 pages each) if I am to be saved. An excerpt from Pastor Tony that I think says it all:

After I had been greatly lied about in the courtroom and imprisoned on false charges of tax evasion, I met several of the Branch Davidians in prison.

Though I think this is pretty funny, too:

Did the destruction of both the Federal Building in Oklahoma City and the World Trade Center in New York really happen without some of our government officials being greatly involved? The answer is no! Hundreds of witnesses say that government agents were not only involved, they placed several other bombs in the buildings as well. These witnesses say that it would have been impossible for the Federal Building in Oklahoma City and the World Trade Center buildings to collapse as they did without there being many other bombs in the buildings.

This is just the worst kind of religious zealousness. Reading/skimming through the whole of the newsletter, I see that we are near The End of Time, perpetrated by Vatican Communist soldiers from Rome, amongst others. That mass conspiracies have been committed by Satan’s lieutenants in the government such as 9/11, both Kennedy assassinations, Waco, the Jonestown suicides, and any Jerry Falwell indiscretions. Beware that we are indeed close to the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Creator and Savior of all those who come to Him for repentance and salvation.

And people wonder why there are so many atheists in the world. I can say to their credit, though, that there are at least no visible signs of asking for money… just my soul.

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