Iraqi Pipelines Are Pumping Oil Again

Many Iraqis have complained bitterly, and frequently, about U.S. forces rushing to secure oil fields and the capital's oil ministry, leaving other ministries, universities, museums, hospitals and businesses to be looted and burned. U.S. officials have acknowledged they were surprised by the rampage, and said troops were too occupied by combat to intervene when they first reached Baghdad.

"Our focus in restoring the oil is to give the biggest benefit to the Iraqi people," said Brig. Gen. Robert Crear, the top U.S. official charged with getting Iraq's oil production up and running.

suuuuuuure, to benefit the Iraqi people. And I’m sure the $600 million found a few days ago will go towards the Presidential campain… to benefit the Iraqi people.

PS And where did all those weapons of mass destruction go?
PPS Admittedly, Bush can’t win with a bleeding heart liberal like me. Even if we did eventually find something, I’d assume we planted some of our own stash for Easter.
PPPS Speaking of which, how do we justify developing chemical weapons when we say no one else can?
PPPPS And who’s lab did SARS leak out of, and why aren’t we trying to bomb them/us? Oh yeah, they don’t have oil. Never mind.

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