As I finish up my contract work in the Silicon Valley, I’ll be driving back and forth to L.A. every weekend to move the last of my stuff, and see ADG. This, my virtual friends, is a whole hell of a lot of driving. A whole hell of a lot. Consequently, I am bound to have observations centered around my car, or things I see whilst in my car every Monday for the next couple of weeks. To whit:

.:At a gas station in the middle of nowhere along the 5, I notice that the button for the 87 octane gasoline is worn down to where it is unreadable. ‘A sign of the times?’ me thinks to myself as I also choose the cheapest option.

.: The woman in front of me at the McDonald’s drive-thru window is yelling into the intercom complaining of stale fries. She explains that yes, she already has her fries, she was just in the drive-thru, but they are stale, and she wants fresh ones. There is a long pause as the teenager at the other end tries to assimilate what an asshole this woman is, and that she is not, indeed, ordering anything, which is what the teenager is programmed to handle. ‘Uh, please pull up to the second window.’ Besides, the obvious issues with why you would even bother with “stale fries” (it’s McDonald’s fer chrissakes!), why the hell would you trudge through the drive-thru again? Go inside!

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