ask and you very well may have the opportunity to come across the circumstance of being able to receive

Not a day after getting motivated to travel, devil-may-care into the void, I find out that I need to go to London next week for work! Great, right? It’s a quick, turnaround trip, but it’s a whole other country all the same. The UK? Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

The thing is, when faced with the very real situation of going off on nearly a whim…I have doubts. But I just got back from Japan, I haven’t even gotten in touch with my friends yet, I have too much work (even though it’s FOR work), and I have things to do, and and and…

Silly, really. That responsibility should encroach in on what should be a mini-fantasy and remind of me the particulars of reality. But then, such is non-celluloid life.

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