cowboys and also aliens

I like Cowboys. I also like Aliens. If only there was a Reese’s PeanutButter Cup-ian melding of the two out there…

Oh, but there is! Cowboys and Aliens. Happy day!

There’s something a little illicit about watching moves in an unfamiliar town. Especially when it’s a pretty small one where the snack bar girl is also the ticket taker who’s younger brother does the sweeping. Earl and Jim know everyone in town, and mister, you ain’t one of them.

There’s a not bad theater in Bishop, though. Two screens for two movies. Two showtimes per day, special early matinee on Saturdays. It’s the first theater in a long time that I’ve been to where there’s an aisle down the center and two main columns of seats like in a church. It’s been an even longer time since I’ve been in a theater with a balcony. These are the stick-floor theaters. These are the make-out in the back theaters. These are the sneak-in from the alley theaters. It’s a bygone era but not one without its charms.

I turned to one of the local boys and asked, “Why would aliens be after the cowboys?” He said, “Because of the beans.”

Makes perfect sense.

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