how blond is your vanity?

An anonymous commenter asked me if I used to be a redhead (based on the pic below). This, coincidentally, is something I was thinking a lot about while visiting my parents over Christmas, and we discussed in great and bewildering detail.

I did not used to have red hair. I did, however, use to have blond hair. In fact, the bulk of my arm hair still turns blond during the summer…maybe this is common for everyone, but I like to think it makes me special. The thing I don’t understand, though, is that my birth certificate says Hair: Brown.

I was pretty obviously blond for the first few years of my life (as to be proven with photographic evidence, later). How did they know I would end up brunette? Did they even care or notice? Did they make the Brown determination based on the not inconsiderable amount of placenta I probably had plastered all over me?

Did anyone else just throw-up a little in their mouth?

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