hul-me? hul-YOU, man!

I watch a lot of hulu. Like an embarrassingly large amount. Which wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t watch a lot of TV…but I do. At least I feel like I do. And everything I watch is crap as I’m astoundingly poorly informed about what’s going on in the world. Did you guys know we had a new president? It’s cuh-razy!

But I digress.

I watch a lot of hulu, which I mentally offset by reading a lot as well.

How vain is it, by the way, that I felt compelled to slip that last little bit in there? As if you care, for one thing. As if there’s even a “you” for another. I could just as easily lie about all of this, so what’s the point in managing your impressions?

But I digress.

I watch a lot of hulu. For those of you with any experience with this gift to humanity, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that each episode of whatever you’re watching lists the season and episode number beneath it. So, for instance, if you’re watching Hell’s Kitchen like I am right now, you can see Season 5 : Ep. 2 (43:12) underneath the thumbnail showing the episode. Understood, yes?

Along that same vein I saw something that not only made me feel dirty, but also made my body shudder for the loss of the last vestiges of an already declinng humanity. I saw this:

Cops:Cops: Upon Further Investigation
Season 21 : Ep. 18 (21:48)

Read that carefully.

Season twenty-one! There have been 21 years of COPS! Cops, the show about shirtless petty crimes and poor diction has been on for over two decades! It’s been successful! It’s beloved! It’s claiming to be older than 90% of pornstars whom are trapped at perpetual “19”! 400 years ago we had Shakespeare and now we have t21 consecutive years of Cops.

I weep for you, humanity.

On an unrelated note, I wonder if they still use the Bad Boys theme. Hmmm…

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