i love rock and roll

Did I tell you I was in a band?

I’m in a band.

We’re awful. Or honestly and more correctly I’m awful, and I’m fairly certain that that’s not just self-deprecation. I’m the lead singer and lead guitar, though. This may be because the other two guys don’t want to sing and don’t play guitar, or because I don’t play drums or bass, but either way Hello America, it’s me your frontman.

For now, anyway. As I said, I suck. I base this on the following:

.: my own ears

But I don’t care. We’re having fun and we’re not quitting our real jobs any time soon. We’re just warming up for our respective mid-life crises. You’d be surprised how amazingly cathartic it can be to scream your guts out and bang on a guitar until your knuckles bleed (literally…clearly my technique needs a little work).

I won’t forget you when our first album comes out, though…probably.

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