i like pictures

I’m going to a record-release party for Michelle Harding tonight. That should be of actual little interest to you unless you happen to be a fan; and if I were to post about every show I went to you’d have been slogging through years of old posts just to find one of any interest.

I’m trying to say I go to a lot of shows.

At any rate, Michelle is a friend of mine of a while now, with an amazing voice and an infectious spirit. She’s an all-around nice person even if she is Canadian. But that’s not the point. The point is that I’m going to this record release party, the art of which was taken almost entirely by me. Truth be told, I didn’t get the CD cover like I almost did, her “people” convinced her to choose a picture that was a bit more commercial. I did get the back cover, all of the inside pamphlet and the CD itself, though…so in many ways I count this as a victory.

It’s interesting, thinking of the very real possibility that dozens? hundreds? maybe more? people will be seeing and admiring my pictures. Granted, they will probably more be admiring that Michelle is pretty, but having captured that for a moment does somewhat make it mine, too, doesn’t it? Or not, maybe I’m just the monkey who pushed the shutter button, but the point is that I am that monkey. And that’s something.

Plus I’m just honored to be a part of something that is so important to a friend of mine.

Also, did I mention my pictures were on a CD?

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