less cold equals more hot

It’s funny the things you remember. There are expected things like particularly good or bad situations in your life. There are repetitive things like birthdays and remembering to breath. And then there are just kind of throwaway memories that stubbornly persist.

I had this girlfriend once who, while taking a shower together (SCANDAL!), wanted the water a little hotter. Being closest to the taps (it was the individual hot and cold kind, not the combined one) I reached down to turn the knobs. Thinking “more hot”, I opened the hot tap a little more. She looked at me with kind of a disgusted look and said something along the lines of, “I guess I’m more concerned about the environment than you are.”


“Because opening up the hot tap uses more energy than just closing up the cold one”


Needless to say, we broke up eventually. I certainly can’t argue with the logic, but the manner in which it was delivered honestly hurt my feelings. Perhaps that’s why the incident has stuck with me. Every. single. time I adjust the water temperature in the shower I think of it.

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