look ma, small hands!

I’m typing on a netbook. That being the latest in the string of gadgets that I keep purchasing for myself. I justify it to myself by saying that I really need it because my home laptop’s harddrive crashed rendering it useless. Of course, I could have always used my company laptop to get on the Internets. Or my iPhone. Or my Wii…

Add to that the DSLR I just bought recently, my other cell phone, my iPod(s), terabytes in external harddrives, and GPS and at any given moment you can find me with several hundred to thousands of dollars in electronic equipment on me.

In fact, I sometimes think about that when I walk around the particularly “nice” section of Hollywood that I spend most of my time at amongst the cracked-out transvestite hookers and pimps…”Hmmm,” I think to myself, “I have about $4200 worth of electronics on me in the form of my laptop, iPhone…” etc etc.

It’s getting to be re-goddammed-diculous. I wonder what a non-digital tree looks like?

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