no pain, questionable gain

I’ve been getting sick more often than I’m used to lately. Not deathly ill or anything, just 3 day colds every few months. It’s extraordinarily annoying and I can’t figure out why. My office being a petri-dish with a questionable HVAC system probably has something to do with it, but anyway.

I’m getting to the point of refusing to recognize my own sickness out of frustration. Not enough to actually go into work or anything, of course (heavens no!); but, enough so that I’m trying to not let it limit the other aspects of my life.

I have to be realistic, though, which means I can only have maybe A drink instead of a half a dozen…if I even make it out of my apartment at all.

One thing I’m trying to stick to, though, is my exercise regimen. I know myself and realize that I’ll only keep this whole exercise thing up for a month or so before I give it up for an equal amount of time, start feeling guilty and then do it all again. So I need to get my hear rate up while I can.

But is that smart?

I have no idea if there’s any physiological issue with exercising while you’re sick, but I imagine that at least half of the sweat pouring off of me is from the low-grade fever as opposed to the running laps*

*virtual Wii laps if I’m being honest***

***around the LA Coliseum if I’m not

Ask and you shall receive

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