so long?

I’ve had this blog for 10 years. 10 years! Before Blogger was even known, and before blogging was thing to do, I was doing so. I don’t know whether to be proud of that or dismayed by my decades long non-popularity. Mostly the latter…though, in truth, I’ve not been trying to be popular or especially working on developing new and interesting content. So I console myself by believing that if I actually tried

At any rate, Blogger, though it started that way is going to be no longer supporting FTP uploads. Which didn’t mean anything to me either up until a few days ago. FTP uploads are the way that is delivered to you…So clearly this is a problem for me.

I could keep publishing this blog through a blogspot account…but I don’t want a blogspot account. I want the same ol’ ridiculous that I settled on years ago and still pay for every now and again.

SO, I need to make a change that, frankly, I am barely technically savvy enough to do. I used to be pretty well versed in all things blog-related, but I kind of haven’t been keeping up since Cascading Style Sheets hit the scene. I thought that I knew everything I really needed to know to just keep on with my little blog here, and haven’t been updating my skillset as time goes on. So here’s hoping i can figure it out and save these years of drivel. Maybe I’ll just start over, I dunno.

So the point is, I’m not quitting…I just may be down for remodeling some time in the near future. Maybe I’ll switch to WordPress? Is that even a good idea? If I had readers, they might now chime in to tell me. Ce la vie.


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