Have you ever seen that show Solitary? Check it out on Hulu if you get the chance. In quick summary, it’s 9 contestants relegated to tiny little rooms with a malevolent computer voice as their only companion. The computer puts them through pretty rigorous challenges (don’t sleep, eat that disgusting thing, figure out this mental challenge) all in the confines of this little room. The people eventually all go crazy. They talk to themselves, they start getting manic, they shout and scream and jump around.

Basically, the solitude just makes them all lose their shit.

I watch this show and I think, “I could do that”. I’m sure everyone thinks that, and probably this next sentence, too: “but I really think I could!”

And I do.

The food challenges always seem like nothing to me. Don’t sleep? I don’t sleep anyway. Mental challenges? Pretty sure I could bang those out… I could at least not be the last person (the last one being who’s eliminated…or the one who quits).

I don’t think I’m a quitter, and I can be pretty stubborn.

The thing is, I spend a lot of time alone already. By choice, it would seem. I do plenty, I go out a fair bit; but I’m also perfectly capable of becoming a hermit within my apartment and slowly circle the couch all day for days on end. For instance now, I’m sick and just sitting. inside. all day. It’s beautiful out, I could care less. I’m talking to no one. I suppose blogging is a form of communication, but I could certainly do without it. If in Solitary, I’d write it in my head and save it for later.

What does this say about me? Probably nothing…but if Solitary calls…

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