the road more or less travelled

I need to get out and about more. I’m fairly well travelled, I’ve been all around North America, the usual places in Europe, and spent a fair amount of time in common and uncommon parts of Asia. I’m better travelled than the majority of my friends, but not of them all, and there’s a hell of a lot of world left to see.

I don’t necessarily want to travel by myself, but then at the same time I desperately do. Solitude makes me introspective, which in a lot of ways is my favorite way to be. It also makes me depressed, which isn’t so much my favorite…though it secretly sometimes is. It makes me creative, or at least affords me the time to think I am. I write more. I think.

At the same time though, I’d love to share my experiences with someone(s). I’d like to be the hero, to have someone to laugh at my jokes, to bounce ideas off of and to motivate me to NOT just stay in my room.

Not every trip has to be an ordeal. I want to see the mundane and free as much as the epic and expensive. I want to kneel on the steps at Angor Wat, but I also want to drive out to Mt. Rushmore and buy the worst sweatshirt I can find. I want to ride a camel in Africa and sit in someone’s cornfield in Iowa because why else would I ever go there?

And I need to start doing these things instead of not doing them. Not because I have to, but because I want to. Who’s in?

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