the times they are a’changin

Way back in the late 20th century, when I was still in school, History was my absolute least favorite subject. Even less so than math, which is why I became an engineer…wait, what?

It’s not that I was bad at it or anything, I just really found it boring. A bunch of dead people went somewhere and talked a lot, wrote down some things, and then died because they were cold. And these fascinating occurrences happened from this month and year to this later one. Annnd test.

It always just seemed like brute memorization to me, which therefore sucked all the fun out of it. You know, like religion.

Now though, it seems like 90% of what I watch is on the History Channel. I find this odd. Is this because the delivery is better or because I’m not staring at Kate Bartells as much (cheerleader, blond, Friend, endlessly frustrating while never being aware of it…you know what I’m saying fellas)?

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