then and now

That’s the greatest age difference that you’ve dated? I ask this question rhetorically, as there aren’t a statistically significant number of people reading this. I wonder why I say that like I care?

But I digress.

Age, has been said many times before, is just a number, and nothing seems to proved that more than the people that we align our lives with. Generally speaking, I usually find myself drawn to/drawn by people around my own age. In the past, this was likely due to the fact that there were vast differences between ages when I was younger. I mean, consider a fifteen year old compared to a 10 year old. Gross! But a 30 year old and a 25 year old? Not that big of a deal.

In my dating “career” I’ve been with someone as much as 10 years younger than me and, more recently, 8 years older. I’m not sure that I have a point other to illuminate the fact that even with a nearly 20-year wide window, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

Then and Now

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