time keeps on keeping on

The TV schedule says Back to the Future is on, but I don’t remember there being this many commercials in it.

Speaking of time machines (segue!), I feel increasingly like I could use one. As I get older, and perhaps more wise, there are more and more things I want to be need to be should be doing. Being a furniture designer, doing more consultant work (thereby making it rich), being a freelance photographer, and of course traveling more…all of which I’m trying to do now, but, in retrospect I wish I’d started sooner.

OK, I did start sooner. I was sketching furniture designs in my teens, and taking pictures long before that. I was on my first airplane on 1 or 2, and had seen a good part of the US before 10. The problem being, I didn’t have the foresight or drive to do something with all of this juvenile experience. Which I suppose is one of the differences between the merely successful and the extraordinarily successful.

Except for Einstein. Einstein didn’t do anything of note until his mid-20’s. Slacker.

At any rate, it’s a common lament: if I knew then what I know now I’d be closer to my goals, happier, more financially stable…probably have gotten laid a lot more (see “happier”), etc.

If only I had a Delorean.

I don’t even want to use the time machine for evil! Well, not much evil anyway. I just want a chance to start my little personal projects earlier. I’m not even interested in righting any wrongs, or avoiding any past mistakes…just the more time thing.

As I work this out, I realize that I don’t really need a time machine…that would just send me into the past but at the same age. What I really need is a Zoltar machine like in the movie Big. That way I could still utilize the same technology and knowledge of today, just in a younger body. Sure, I’d basically disappear to the perspective of my family and friends; and that’s a pretty rotten trick to play on mom and dad…but I’d be a furniture designer! and photographer! and a modern-day playboy!

OK, maybe not worth it. I would still like a Delorean if you have one, though.

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