what time is it, and what day is it?

Imagine my surprise and horror to discover that the last time I posted on this site was in 2017. Imagine it! No, seriously do it right now. Imagine my checking in on my site and chuckling at my own linguistic cleverness, looking to the date of my latest post, seeing 10.22.2017, going to the kitchen to make coffee that I have on hand but do not drink, making said coffee, letting it cool to a reasonable temperature, preparing a glass of water to wash my mouth out with afterwards because coffee is the devil’s hot bean water and tastes as such, taking a swig without swallowing, looking at the post date again, and doing a spit take of my coffee for dramatic effect. Just imagine!

I knew I hadn’t actually blogged in a while, but I would never have imagined that it was THAT long ago. I semi-frequently update the “read” part of this site, where I keep a running list of the books I’ve read; and, I semi-frequently read, so in my mind I felt that I’d been checking in on floorpie.net more often than I apparently had been.

I’m also surprised that, given the covid-19 pandemic, that there aren’t 2+ years worth of insane ravings on here. Where did all that energy go?? (seriously, where did it go? Can you tell me? It’s all a haze).

But I digress. Or not really, as I didn’t have a point to digress from in the beginning. Where does that leave us? I dunno. Will I be back more frequently? Doubtful? Maybe? Is my mind capable of long-form twitter posts anymore? Only time will tell!

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