what’s a blogging?

I’ve had this site for a long, long time. In one incarnation or another, I’ve had it since the first days of Blogger when I was dating a girl who knew the guy that did the thing and I had (in my mind) the opportunity to turn what was a hobby then into what is a business now. Alas, I lacked the foresight or the fortitude or both and I simply plunked away at the keys, often several times a day. My interest waned, as you can see from my once bi-yearly posts nowadays, and the landscape has changed precipitously. Back in the day, there was no Facebook, or Myspace, and only barely Friendster and everyone trying to talk to each other on AIM. There was no easily accessible way to post about your emo angst or (not yet invented) cat videos.

So you blogged.

Now it’s so much easier to hashtag an instagram post and be done with it in 20 seconds.

But now no one writes anything anymore, and can’t discern a there from a they’re, and thus falls modern civilization.

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