you’re showing your gray

Is it normal to start sweating profusely while cleaning your kitchen floor? I have a birthday coming up. I’ll be 34. I don’t feel like I’m in my mid-30’s but apparently my body sometimes thinks so.

I’d like to think I don’t look like I’m in my mid-30’s and that nobody thinks so, too.

I’m not much for working out, but I do exercise through activity and am in fairly good shape, I think. I probably can’t run as fast or as far as I could when I was 16; but I don’t need to rest going up a flight of stairs, either. I’m still confident enough to lift heavy objects over my head, and I’m not afraid of a long hike or bike ride. I have a few creaks, but they’re the same ones I’ve always had. So all in all, not too terrible, I think.

As the song goes, another day older and deeper in debt (except without the debt part). Let’s see what we get this year.

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