Though it’s only my third official day, I’m already starting to notice the office quirks that at the moment are merely fascinating, but will certainly develop, in time, to be extremely annoying. Case in point:

There’s a little mini-fridge, accessible by everyone, that The Company keeps water in. They supply convenient 0.5L bottles of Arrowhead which I partake in at least twice daily. Next to this mini-fridge is a veritable mountain of un-refrigerated bottles, waiting to be put into the rotation. Yesterday, I went to said fridge to find it empty. Thinking it a mere oversight, I put in about 12 bottles, and wandered off to find something cold to drink. This morning I go to the fridge again… empty.

Seriously now, how hard is it to replace a bottle when you remove one? And yes, I know from everyone else’s perspective, cold botles of water are just magically appearing with me re-stocking the fridge, so why bother? I suspect I will soon lower myself to labeling bottles as mine. In fact, I think I’ll go put a “Keyser Soze” Post-It note on one right now. Ah the things we do to amuse ourselves…

PSKeyser Soze note placed 04.10.03 at 0913 hours

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