So I’m sitting here, doing my first full day of work since being laid-off some year and change ago (yes, the irony that I am now blogging about it, and, by definition, therefore not actually working, has not been lost on me). Let me summarize how this feels in two words:

It’s really fucking weird.

It’s not the actual work, falling back into that was fairly easy (actually setting and abiding the alarm clock notwithstanding); it’s just the whole “thing”. For an entire year, I lived with the self-esteem hit of being unemployed, I watched M*A*S*H until there was no more M*A*S*H to watch, I ate sparingly and without conviction, and I mastered the sheepish smile used for when people ask me what I do. Granted, this is only a temporary contract job, but still. Hell, ADG has never even known me as employed. It wil be interesting, indeed, to see how this changes my life for the better.

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