At least I can still laugh at myself

Big D: So, am I sane? Not exactly. Not 20 minutes ago I got a call from this job I really wanted. In LA. And they’re going with someone else.
Ariel: F U C K. I’m really sorry to hear that.
Big D: yeah. thanks.
Ariel: Seriously: you’re at the top of my “Deserves a Break in the Universal Scheme of Things” list.
Big D: hooray
Ariel: So, you applying for more jobs down here?
Big D: Of course! Got to keep my Rejection-Quota up each week.
Ariel: *smirk*
Ariel: I keep wishing I could find you a job at Affinity, but none of these these seem like a fit for you.
Big D: you should be looking for “Sr. Mechanical Loser”
Ariel: Riiiight. I forgot about that job title.
Big D: It’s very specialized.
Ariel: Years of training.
Big D: at least one!

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