Breaking News!

I know all you other unemployed people are watching it, too: The Winona Ryder Sentencing!

.: supervised probation for 36 months
.: one day in jail, time-served
.: fine of $1,000 plus penalties. Total: $2,700
.: restitution fine of $1,000
.: restitution to Saks of $6355.40
.: 480 hours community service (240 hours at The City of Hope, 120 hours at the Foundation for the Junior Blind, 120 hours at Caring for Babies with AIDS)
.: must participate in drug and psychological counseling
.: must seek employment
.: subject to search/seizure with/without a warrant or probable cause
.: must keep the court apprised of her whereabouts, jobs, and contact information
.: ordered to stay away from drugs and drug-related people (there goes the rest of Hollywood)

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