.: pasta, preferably spaghetti. alternately an amalgam of whatever is handy
.: 1/8-1/4 jar leftover spaghetti sauce
.: salsa (optional)
.: parmesan (optional)

Heat one pot water on high heat to a rolling boil. While water is increasing entropy, shake cold spaghetti sauce into single-serving sized bowl. Add salsa to taste and set aside mixture.

When water begins to boil, cook pasta as per package directions, using (for spaghetti) a bundle of roughly the diameter of a quarter. For angel hair, choose slightly smaller coins; perhaps an over-sized nickel or something from Spain. In the case of elbow macaroni, penne, farfale and the like use own discretion with three loose fistfuls as a jumping off point

Sprinkle copious amounts of parmesan over spaghetti sauce and set aside.

Drain pasta when cooking is completed. Pour pasta over sauce/cheese mixture. With fork, fold-in pasta into sauce. Mix well. Serve luke-warm.

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