In more things that tell you what you should do based on the opinions of others thereby somehow increasing the validity of the claim and making you feel worthless if you don’t pursue their goals so that you try with all your might to reach the unachievable based on the opinions of strangers with no real worth to you in the first place, *breath* I present a list not unlike the top 100 books of all time list (of which I’ve read 23) that was coincidentaly also made by a bunch of brits for our amusement and self-judgement *breath*:

The Top 50 Places to Visit Before You Die

The mere 11 that I’ve been to are:
.: Edinburgh, Scotland
.: Grand Canyon, Arizona
.: Hawaii
.: Las Vegas, Nevada
.: London, England
.: Mexico
.: Paris, France
.: Rome, Italy
.: San Francisco, California
.: Venice, Italy
.: Yosemite National Park, California

Should I get a job in Canada, I’m sure I will quickly add two more to that list (the Canadian Rockies and Alaska). Here’s hoping.

(link via tempest in a teapot)

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