In those instances where ADG and I stay together, she having a job necessitates such ignominious things as “alarms” and “showers” and exclamations like “I’m late for work”. I’ve participated in these things more as an observer than an actual participant; but, I’ve still had to actually get up and start my day (such as it is) at those early hours. For me, this hasn’t been a problem at all, and I’ve kind of casually observed ADG’s stress in these matters with some bemusement.

“What’s the rush?” I think to myself Just take it easy, maaaaan…it ain’t no thang.” (keep in mind that I’ve been unemployed for some 10 months now, and have an appropriately scant recognition of the “real” world.)

This morning, however, I got a taste of reality. This morning I had an interview at, *gasp*, 9AM! I had to get up at 8… EIGHT! And woe my weary head, how early that suddenly was! “How strange,” I thought to myself “that when I have to now get up for my own reasons it’s suddenly so much harder.”

And that, my friends, is my observation of the day, the conclusion of which has led to a theory: Time is Relative™

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