Despite what Wired reports via an American-born business writer living in Israel, the Silicon Valley is dead, deceased, ka-put, muerto, and otherwise just not what she used to be. Strange, really, for one such as me to be contradicting a business-writer, ’cause after all, who better to judge the social and economic climate here then someone in San Francisco Israel?

Don’t get me wrong, businesses do succeed here, and they will continue to. New products and inventions will always be born in this area, and people will make their fortunes here. But not everyone, and not how they used to. All the things that made THE Silicon Valley the Mecca of the 90’s and early 2000’s no longer exist here, they are dead, and are not coming back for a very long time.

So no, the Valley isn’t dead in that there are still jobs and homes and people and buildings here; but, it’s not dead in the same way that Texas isn’t dead after the oil market fell out from under it in the 80’s… meaning it’s over fella, but you can stick around if you feel like it.

NOTE: opinion contingent on level of employment. Should the author suddenly get that job offer he’s been dreaming about, all will be sunshine and lollipops again

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