and now for Sports…

I admit it, I am not a fan of baseball. I can’t bear to watch it on TV, and I barely even take a passing interest when the World Series comes along. I do like going to games, but only for the social aspects of it, and I would never initiate it amongst my friends. Having said that, I am still shocked at this whole Angels celebration thing. They had their parade at Disneyland.


The location is not what bothers me; The Happiest Place On Earth™ seems almost appropriate, actually. It’s the fact that fans had to pay $45 to get into the park in the first place. Fans that otherwise weren’t that interested in going to The Magic Kingdom™. Fans that weren’t there to go on Mr. Toads Wild Ride™ or subsist entirely on churros while checking out The Pirates of the Caribbean™. Fans that had been paying exorbitant ticket prices all season long and shelling out for satellite TV to see the games had to then pay an additional fee just to celebrate with their favorite team. That sickens me.

Luckily, the real national pastime started tonight; and even though it was a bit of a fitful start with many fouls, low scores, and more defense than offense across the league, I think it’s going to shape up to be an exciting season… especially with my two favorite teams being engaged in the biggest rivalry since Lakers-Celtics.

OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s already getting good.

And, when the Lakers 4-peat for the first time since 1961 when the Celtics did it (the fact that they went on to 8-peat is hardly the point), you can be rest assured that they will have their parade down the public streets of LA, for free like it should be.

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