Girrrl, you must be slip’en

I was at Fry’s this morning… you know, hanging out with the cool kids, and went ahead and planted myself in front of the magazines for awhile. You know how we do what we do.

At any rate, (and not that I was looking [of course], interested more, as I was, in the more erudite pursuits housed within the pages of Wired, Nerd’s Quarterly, and the like) but I noticed that m’girl Britney was only…ONLY, featured on one of the plethora of teen-aimed magazine covers.

*shock* and *dismay*!!!
*dismay* and then *shock*!!!

Teen People? No, a rap artist.
YM? No, that loser from American Idol
Bop? Well OK, so I didn’t see Bop, but the very fact that Britney’s smiling face was not immediately apparent with but a simple glance at the magazine rack portended the real truth of the matter: that girl be slip’en.

And so I left, somewhat disillusioned at this new world I don’t know, and bought batteries like I meant to in the first place. fin

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