As part of a larger goal in life, I’ve been taking a realty class at the local community college. It’s been keeping my brain moist…but barely. If I have to sit through another twenty minutes about how if you take a rectangular piece of property and multiply the length and width of its perimeter, you then get this amazing esoteric concept called “area”, or the so-called “square footage”…and how square footage can also be written as ft^2 if and only if, “you’ve taken ‘scientific notation’ as some of you engineering transfer students may have done”…my head will explode. And then the questions after questions after questions that serve to reiterate the question just asked until I want to scream, “FOUR! You Neanderthals! 10 minus 6 is FOUR!”

As I said, this is a small step in a larger aspiration, and I have no actual desire to become a realtor… but if I did I think I’d be a superstar.

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