For the good of the community

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you may remember a post in which I put up a truncated version of a spam e-mail I got talking about how spam was such a great way to spaminate spamificationiety for the various spamming spam spammers that have recently been spam. In fact, it was the day before yesterday.

At any rate, perhaps because of my post, or simply because it’s the very nature of the beast, I’ve now received this same e-mail (different subject, different sender, but same text) about a dozen times. With nothing better to do these days than monitor my inbox, you can imagine my consternation. Therefore, I call upon you, the wise and nerdy, to float me some advice: If anyone has experience with, or can recommend, some free or otherwise spam-blocking software that functions as an add-on to Microsoft Outlook, please tell me so in the comments. I would be… not eternally grateful… but pretty stoked for a while, thanks.

Y’all remember when I promised to send postcards to anyone who asked me for one? Well, yes I really meant it, yes I’m still accepting all comers, no I’m not done writing them all, and yes the real problem is that I’ve been too apathetic to stand in a 40 minute line at the post office and have therefore been hoarding them all for one mass mailing… oh, and the check is in the mail.

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