That time of year again

I’m not saying you have to, of course. If you feel perfectly fine enjoying the ruminations of an unemployed designer for free, more power to you. If the thought of giving back to the individuals in the blogger community who have given of themselves for your amusement is a totally foreign concept, fine by me. However, if you do have that small shred of decency within you, consider giving back to ME!

Joking joking joking. I kid because I love… I love! My birthday is coming up, however, near the end of this month; and, I will be marching ever closer to that 30 barrier and spending the next year in the purgatory of 28. Definitely no longer in my mid-20’s, and, getting almost to the point where it looks like I’m trying to dress all hip. Almost. But hopefully not quite.

PS I’m not really asking for gifts. I’m not a HOTT camgirl that could get away with that. Birthday wishes from the anonymous masses would be greatly appreciated, if they were forthcoming…and hell, if you really WANT to get me that Samsung MP3 player, who am I to deny you your dreams?

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