In this world of virtual communication at literal light-speed, I have decided to rail against the norm and embark on a snail-mail crusade.

OK, so maybe it’s not quite a crusade…The Crusades were a crusade…let’s call it an effort with minimal involvements.

At any rate, some of you may be familiar with those advertisements, thinly veiled as free postcards, that are made available to anyone standing around waiting for the restroom in various bars or (as the kids say) “hip” hangouts. I’m going to take advantage of this free media and send them out to anyone who wants them. So far, I have some pretty awesome terrible ones, which are funny in their awfulness (how ya like that grammar?). To continue, anyone wanting an original, Stuff and Stuff approved, lovingly written postcard, send me your address, and await the fun. Your anonymity isn’t really assured, per se, but I at least won’t sell your address to telemarketers. (probably)

PS I just realized that I totally stole this idea from sarah hepola after being inspired by her article in The Morning News. At the time it didn’t occur to me, but the memory must have bubbled back up almost a week later. Not that anyone should notice, of course, as I make my small blip on the postal radar.

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