If you happened to have been watching my site for the last 15 minutes hour, you saw it go through some rather alarming convulsions. I’ve been vaguely thinking of redesigning my site in positional CSS (as is all the vogue) instead of the mess of tables that I had set up, and I feel that the first step was to convert my current design to that. It came out fairly well, although there are a few things that I can’t (nor wish to bother trying to) figure out.

At any rate, Blogger seems to only be capable of swallowing template changes in small doses, which is why there were a few minutes of in-between stage there. Of course, seeing as I’m the only one that obsessively looks at my site, I’m the only one who probably noticed.

Anyway, I will, as mentioned, be vaguely working on a redesign as time allows…

PS when you first load my page you get an error (at least I do), that reads:

Line: 2

Char: 1

Error: Syntax error

Simple, right? Well I can’t see what the problem is for the life of me, so if you can, please let me know…

PPS This effort has lead to trying to get my site to validate as well. If you’ve tried this at all, you know that it is entirely too much effort. Unfortunately, Blogger itself is part of the problem, as, if we take advantage of some of the great Word-like features of Blogger’s simple posting capabilities, it automatically inserts
for carriage returns…as opposed to
as W3C dictates.

Besides that, it’s mostly a matter of closing out all your HTML tags, specifically using all the variables in your tags (ie alt=”” title=””, etc), and generally being super-anal (I can’t wait to see what kind of search strings “super-anal” generates) about pretty much everything. Of course, all this effort will be for the best…

…and I’ll let you know what that “best” actually is once I figure it out!

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