Things ADG’s property manager has told me that I don’t at all believe. First in a probably long series

– that he has multiple degrees: one in physics, and the other in chemistry, and is mere units away from an MBA

– that he used to make acid, coke, et al and was a major supplier

– that he was called upon, on several occasions to bring said wares to many a movie set where he did assorted drugs with Steven Spielberg, and John Travolta, and Michelle Pfeiffer, and Bob DeNiro and the rest

– that he’s a professional chef who not only knows, but is on par with, Wolfgang Puck

– that he used to be a paratrooper

– that he is a martial arts master

– that he knew Ken Kesey and Neal Cassady and hung out in La Honda

– that he’s a cancer survivor

– that he attended Stanford, and UC Berkeley, and UC Santa Cruz

– that he has no credit cards and only uses cash because the government is far too interested in his whereabouts.

Things ADG’s property manager has told me that I do believe. First in a very short series

– that he lives in a tiny studio apartment

– that he conspicuously never has any money for someone with such an education, and talent, and connections

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