The Results Are In

The First Annual Kiss-Off Contest has come to a close, and Valuable Prizes™ are imminent! Before listing the standings, I’d first like to say that you’re all winners…or more correctly, the bulk of you are losers, and only Jeff is a winner. Without further ado, the standings are:

6.25 Jeff Winner and Top Slut™ of the First Annual Kiss-Off Contest+

5.1 Tina

4.6 Bill

4.5 TIE Norman and Jenneferre

4.1 Bazima

3.9 Jonathan

3.0 Grace

2.7 Karen

2.4 Mr. Justin

2.0 Ariel

1.8 Gulshan

1.7 Richard

1.3 Tara

1.2 TIE Dave and Matt

1.0 Jessa

.88 TIE Kevin and Ingrid

.71 Sarah

.67 Jessica

.43 Rouslan

.33 Hero Loser and Top Prude™ of the First Annual Kiss-Off Contest*

With an average of 2.56…which either means that I need to get out more, or that Jeff’s a total slut.

+ apparently Jeff will make out with anything if they buy a shot

* though to be fair, Hero HAS been with the same girl for 3 years. An admirable trait in this sick-sad world

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