You’re jealous

Although she meant it as a kind of joke, I think it’s awesome. That’s right, that’s me sporting a cheezy St. Louis, Missouri shirt that ADG bought me during a recent layover there. If you know me at all, you know that when it comes to T-shirts, the cheezier the better (though it has to be that quietly cool cheezy, not a Spuds McKenzie cheesy).

This gift was particulalrly apt too, as it is a little known fact that I was actually born in St. Louis, as opposed to Compton as is commonly believed.

Oh, and for more Dave-trivia: did you know that besides the 5-minutes that I was born in St. Louis, I’ve never actually been there? Tis true, tis true. Tune in tomorrow for more trivia, and the answer to the Big Question, “Dave, how many dads do you really have?”

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