Well, as I had feared, I am not 16 anymore…though I unabashadly rocked-out anyway.

Green Day was awesome, working the crowd and sounding nearly as good as they do on their albums…rare for a live punk-lite show. Blink 182 was also good, though their vocals were mixed down to the point of near imperceptibility. Then again, the raised, then rotating, drum kit was pretty rad, and harkened back to good ol’ Motley Crue dayz.

Other notable Mc-dealies:

– while in line the 16 year old guy who ripped off his shirt (and all of the buttons holding it closed in the process) in preparation to fight a girl that he thought might have maybe said something offensive towards or near him. Idiot.

– The young couple in front of me who despite looking underage, got their hands on enough beer to keep them fueled for making-out through the entire 5 hour show… (not a criticism. a jealous observation. sigh)

– parents, parents, parents! Many sets of parents, sitting several rows away from their kids, and taking the inconvenient playing time as an opportunity to go buy T-shirts, buttons, and posters without lines (save for the other parents, of course). I don’t remember this happening when I was 16. (more jealous observations)

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