ubiquitous, obligatory, boring, “link and search term” post

OK kids, it’s that time again: time to do the post where I tell you about some new links; and, I thought I’d also roll-in another cliche post, and list some of the HI-larious search terms that have found my site, lately. So, please bear with me while I pay my blogging dues…just be thankful I’m not posting pictures of my (nonexistent) cat. Here we go:

I added a few more links to the sidebar, in order to either whore for link-backs, or because I’ve generally been reading their blogs lately. As the list on my blog steadily grows to match the list in my bookmarks, I realize more and more that I need to implement the clever rotating link dealie Ernie helped me out with a while back (when I was almost a paltry B-lister [good times, good times]). To do so would mean changing everything to PHP, which isn’t a problem, except that you’d all (all 5 of you) have to update your links and blah blah blah…

some recent search terms that found me:

– bad day – penis stuck in a shower door

– black and stacked

– bling bling

– college guy urinals pics

– daffy duck fattening

– does micheal jordan have a jet plane

– erection in front of female doctor

– how to make yourself pass out

– maybe some dirty stuff

– pics of bush in tightie whities

– short simple rules when playing basketball nowadays

– tara reid is a crack whore

– the jetsons nude

and the #1 “Hey That’s Not Funny” Search Term: pics of young kids making out 12-14 years old

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