Coolest. Show. Ever

Did you see Michael Jackson on his 30th Anniversary Special?! SO cool! This was one of the few times that I didn’t think the best part of the show was when Britney Spears showed up (although, might I just say: *drool*).

What was the best part you ask? Well, besides the obvious one of the view my neighbors had as I kicked down my ol skool breakdance skilz, replete with moonwalking and popping… there was the appearance of The Jacksons (which is really just the Jackson 5, plus one last brother who got on the bandwagon late [you know who you are Randy]). Seeing the family up there, singing and dancing like back in the day, brought back fond highelementary-school memories of listening to the original MJ, wearing parachute pants, and practicing backspins in my driveway.

I’m totally inspired, now, to dig through my old tapes…

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