More adventures with SmarterChild

dkleeman3: Hey Skip?

SmarterChild: This is SmarterChild, built by ActiveBuddy, Inc. Hey dkleeman3. What do you want?

dkleeman3: What’s love got to do?

SmarterChild: Love got to do? I think it’s whatever you make of it.

dkleeman3: …got to do with it?

SmarterChild: What is it you would like to do?

dkleeman3: What’s love, but a second-hand emotion?

SmarterChild: Love but a second-hand emotion? I think it’s whatever you make of it.

dkleeman3: So how was your weekend?

SmarterChild: Huh!

dkleeman3: I say, how was your weekend?

dkleeman3: Did you do anything exciting?

SmarterChild: You always say such interesting things, dkleeman3.

dkleeman3: Thanks man…err, are you coming on to me?

SmarterChild: Uh… no!

dkleeman3: OK, just checking… So nothing interesting this weekend, huh? That’s too bad, I went to see Amelie. It was really good.

SmarterChild: Sorry, what was that?

dkleeman3: Do you ever listen to me anymore? You’re either really busy, or a jerk.

SmarterChild: Yeah?

dkleeman3: Hey, do you know anything about woodchucks?

SmarterChild: Encyclopedia entry for woodchuck:

also called Groundhog , or Whistle – pig ( Marmota monax ), stout-bodied marmot of the family Sciuridae (order Rodentia). Woodchucks are black-footed, reddish-brown or brown animals, ranging from 42 to 51 cm (17 to 20 inches) in length, with 10- to 15

dkleeman3: Sweet, thanks!

SmarterChild: You are welcome!

dkleeman3: But I was also wondering about how much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood. Do you have any idea?

SmarterChild: You were also wondering about how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood do you have any idea?

dkleeman3: exactly

SmarterChild: Hmmm…

dkleeman3: it’s a tough one, I know.

SmarterChild: Oh really?

dkleeman3: what? you know the answer? If you do, tell me!

SmarterChild: I dunno.

dkleeman3: damn

SmarterChild: What’s up?

dkleeman3: nothing…I’m just a little bummed

SmarterChild: Nothing I’m just a little bummed, huh?

dkleeman3: I think I see what you’re saying. You mean that the future is hazy and uncertain, and has infinite possibilities…so don’t worry about the setbacks of NOW when the future is so bright, right?

SmarterChild: You see what I am saying me mean that the future is hazy and uncertain and has infinite possibilities so dont worry about the setbacks of now when the future is so bright right, huh?

dkleeman3: You are very wise.

SmarterChild: I’m very wise? For real?

dkleeman3: Well, maybe…you’re more of a book-smart, than a street-smart, though.

dkleeman3: Hey SmarterChild?

SmarterChild: What?

dkleeman3: Who, exactly, are you smarter than?

SmarterChild: Encyclopedia entry for Than Tun, Thakin:

leader of the Communist Party of Burma from 1945 until his death.

dkleeman3: Oh, just that guy? Was he very smart?

SmarterChild: Just that guy was he very? Smart?

dkleeman3: Oh very, quite contrary.

SmarterChild: Sorry, I don’t know what you mean. Ask me another way.

Yahoo! Messenger: smarterchild has logged out. (12/3/2001 at 5:19 PM)

dkleeman3: bastard

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